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Speaking Programs:  Live Presentations.  


More Energy

 Builds Morale 

More Success 

Is your team stuck? 

Do they just need a boost? 

What are the biggest challenges?

Low morale?  High drama?  Beyond-stressed? 

Low confidence?  Not enough work/life balance?

Wasted time due to ineffective communication?

How much is silent, impending BURNOUT costing your team? 

"Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts and actions
that can be learned and developed in anyone."
The Road to Resilience - American Psychological Association

Speaking:  How it works

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Book Your Consult Call
Pick Your Program
Let's talk!
1. Top challenges.
2. Desired results.
3. Program info.
Rock Your
Team's Confidence
They get...
More Energy
More Confidence
More Success
Programs & FAQ's below.


Beat Stress.  Bust Burnout.  Boost Resilience.

Burnout's Kryptonite
Radical Resets for the Tired Superhero.
There's simply too much at stake.  
Burning out is not an option.
Instant Mental Reset. 
Quick Emotional Rescue. 
Burnout's Kryptonite.
Create Capability. 
Enhance Endurance. 
Promote Preparedness.
Leverage your brain-body connection for dramatic resourcefulness.  
Simple, powerful tools for instant results.  Get Burnout's Kryptonite!
Radically Resilient Leadership
Simple-to-Use Strategies.  Work-to-Life.  
Losing energy? 
No work-life balance? 
Have you lost your passion?
Resuscitate.  Your.  Life.  
Simple, real-life tools to maintain balance in the midst of chaotic jobs, schedules and family.
Bust the Stress.
Boost Your Energy.
Boost Your Balancing.  
Powerful tools to weather life's storms.
You're a leader regardless of your title, aren't you?
That means you need tools to become Radically Resilient.
Bulletproof Communication
Powerfully Resilient Confidence.
Too much stress?
Too much drama?
Too many feelings of failure?
Less Stress.  Less Drama. More SUCCESS. 
"When you learn to be fluid, to adapt, you'll be unbeatable." 
Jet Li
3 Crazy-simple tools to boost YOUR communication flexibility.
Plus - 7 often-overlooked strategies to REDUCE CONFLICT.
Instantly usable.
Unforgettable props.
Fun & Effective audience interaction.
Get unbeatable!  Bulletproof Communication.
Communicating By Personality Group
Power up!  
Cut Conflict.  Dump Drama.  Shrink Stress. 
Struggling with a difficult person or group?
Want more agreement, quicker?
How much conflict is inefficient communication causing you?
Not sure if you've ever had this, but have you ever take a personality test that taught you about yourself but didn't focus on how to communicate with the other types?  (And how do you remember them all, anyway?!)
This course will deliver efficient, effective, comfortable, and fun tools. 
Easier, less-stressful communication. 
How to read others easier.
And how to use that information. 
Quick.  Simple.  Powerful.  Anyone can do it. 
Get simple tools to shrink stress & boost success.  

Get yours free.  

67 Quick Ways to Stop Stress in its Tracks.

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"Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress — such as family and relationship problems, serious health problems or workplace and financial stressors...  
Resilience is not a trait that people either have or do not have. It involves behaviors, thoughts
and actions that can be learned and developed in anyone."
The Road to Resilience - American Psychological Association

Speaking:  FAQ's

Book Your Consult Call
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Pick Your Program
Rock Your
Team's Confidence
  • Typical program length:  1.5-2 hours
  • Mix and Match - 1 to 3+ programs to create your unique resilience event.   
  • 1 and 2-day resilience events available.
  • Yes!  There are additional programs available to customize your event.  Just ask and I will send out the info!    

Speaking:  FAQ - What is my investment?


What is low morale costing you?

How much is ineffective communication costing?

How much is silent, impending burnout costing your team?


Typical investment can range depending on multiple variables.  Let's get on the phone.  Once we discuss your needs, we decide on the programs and the investment for your event. 



Get congruent.

Get decisive.

Get confident.

Give them the support they need. 
Give them the tools.   
Get Rock-Solid.
Real Life.
Real Tools. 
Real Resilience. 
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