You are meant to shine in the darkness (excerpt from Burnout's Kryptonite)

Are you defined by your story or do you define your story?

As I work with others, see them, listen to them, sit with the pain and celebrate in the triumphs, I hear stories. Not only stories, but I hear s-t-o-r-i-e-s.

Like, the stories we tell ourselves.

This morning, I had a candid conversation with a friend. She called me on a story I have been believing. Ooh. It ticked me off a little, too. Not at her - at the fact that I have, indeed, been believing it. Yuch.

It's never feels like the coolest thing in the world to get that epiphany AND it's very cool. It is a chance to learn, grow, and stand into the life you really want to be living.

Intentionally. Courageously. Lovingly.

You might also call them limiting beliefs, lies, negative beliefs, negative self-talk. No matter what you call them, they generally bring shadows, darkness or heaviness into our hearts.


People know this - the light penetrates the dark.

Dark can’t stand the light.

It’s time to reach up. It’s time to stand.

And if you’ve been fighting and in the battle and feel like you can’t – then it’s time to try again.

You are meant to shine.

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