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Real Resilience. It's about fierce freedom and relentless hope

Real Resilience. It’s all about fierce freedom and relentless hope.

Excerpt from my newest book, Burnout’s Kryptonite

Page 119:

“Harness Your Power:

Discover your plan.

Uncover your purpose.

Live the life you were created to live.

Harness your power:

See the reality.

See the opportunity.

Build your new reality.

Harness your power:

People do this.

You can do this.

You are open.

You are asking.

You realize you have more resources than ever before.

Harness your power:

Enjoy the small things.

Learn to love seeking the path.

Harness your power:

Come to the battle.

Fight for your own healing.

Press into that place of peace that soothes your mind, heart, and soul.”

it? Harness. Your. Power.

Rich, life-giving blessings to you.


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