How funerals are good for saying goodbye AND hello

Goodbye AND Hello? How funerals are good for saying goodbye and hello.

I was privileged to pray for a young man and his family last week in ICU. I knew Brodie for a total of 30 hours. I went one evening. I went and hung out with his mom and dad the next afternoon. When I went back that night, he was gone to heaven. Brodie was 16 and fought rare brain cancer like a warrior.

About 300 people came to say goodbye to Brodie today at a church south of Denver. Beautiful life, this 16 year old lived.

I realized, though, that it is also a time to say HELLO.



Say Hello to WHAT, EXACTLY?

To the awareness of how we live. To what steps we are taking. To our intentionality. To how we are taking care of ourselves. To how we show up. How we love. How we listen. How we express our feelings. How to ask for help. How we serve others with what we ourselves have learned.


Ok then. Hello to what else?

To the awareness of the briefness of this life we live. To dreams we once had that are calling for reawakening. To regrets that are wanting to be put to rest. To bitterness that has been building. You are called to uncover and discover your very self that has been covered up by old hurts or mistrust or anger.


Say Hello to the awareness that you were built for such a time as this.

You have a unique set of giftings and ways of thinking and ways of approaching life.

You are called to see the battle as it is.

You are called to see yourself as you REALLY ARE: DOWN DEEP, IN GRACE, IN FULLNESS.

In the battle, you are a warrior.

You are becoming STRON