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Divorce is GOOD. How good endings create better beginnings.

Lose the stuck. Move forward. Move on. Move up.

When you really think about it, divorce isn't just a term for a marriage that is ending, is it?

Building rock-solid confidence means letting go.

It means cutting loose that which no longer serves.

It means taking an honest look at what is holding you stuck.

It means listening to that still, small voice that is showing you where you've been bound up.

It means watching, listening, and standing up into the life you were built for, meant for.

Divorce isn't just for marriages.

Divorce yourself from the old trash that you've held onto is a good thing.

Cut loose. Separate from all the trash you've held onto.

Make the decision now to be free from the anger, sadness, bitterness that has outlived itself.

Decide. Choose. You've got this.

watch the video here (7 min watch time)

1. Grab paper. Left side: I'm divorcing from...Write down all the trash you want to separate from on the left side of a piece of paper. Decide that you will no longer align / partner / agree with this stuff that's been holding you stuck.

2. Now, take a moment to get thankful for things that are amazing in your life. Get grateful. Get quiet. Look at the "I'm divorcing from list"Decide to let it go from a head, heart, and gut level. Cross each word out as you say it out loud that you are divorcing from it.

3. Right side of paper: I'm marrying / partnering / aligning / agreeing with these instead... make a big long beautiful brilliant list. Call it out. Say it out loud. I choose. I choose. I am deciding. I have decided. I have chosen...

Time to celebrate!!!!

Here's to your newness. Your new day, your new thinking, your new heart.

As you live into Love, Hope, and Grace, your light will break forth like the dawn and your healing will come quickly. (inspired Is. 58:8)

Self-doubt and holding onto the pain has cost you too much already, hasn't it?

Get a good ending so you can have a better beginning.

Rich, life-giving blessings to you and yours.

Love, Ana-Christina

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