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Are you living? Or living a dying life? (Here's 2 ways to tell)

Are you living? Or living a dying life? (Here’s 2 ways to tell.)

You get to live into the words that you LAUNCH into the world.

Your words carry death or life.

What does that look like? Sound like? Feel like?

1 – Death-giving words.

Well, death-giving words tear down, belittle, hate, judge, drive fear, gossip, get defensive, take offense, steal life, kill the spirit, and destroy honor.

They are blame-focused.

They stay bitter and unforgiving and EAT YOU ALIVE.

They park on the problem.

They create walls and division in an angry way.

They make things WORSE.

2 – Life-giving words.

Life-giving words do the opposite… and then… they may even expand on it!!

They give grace, love, peace, joy.

They honor the one you are speaking of.

They find the best in the person or the situation.

They look for the learning vs. just focusing on the problem.

They look for the gift in the situation, no matter how bad the situation looks.

They give the benefit of the doubt. Life-giving words are patient, gentle, good, and kind.

They find grace to bless in the midst of the situation.

They draw boundaries in a loving way.

They make things BETTER.

They change the atmosphere. They keep your heart focused on the good.

Can words make that much of a difference?

Can you remember something unkind someone said about you and how that felt?

Is there still any sting to it – even now, years later?

Can you remember something surprising, and gracious that someone said to you?

How does that warm your heart in a way that the criticism didn’t?


Your words have power.

Not only the spoken word – but your thoughts.

Toward yourself. Toward others. Toward situations.

The cool thing is that you get to choose.

You get to live the words you launch into this world.

What will help you be more aware of the words you choose?

Rich blessings - Ana-Christina

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