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7 Beliefs of the Radically Resilient

Have you ever had a time when you kept doing things that you knew weren’t good for you?

Have you ever let life get you down & drowned?

And down-deep, you know you can't keep doing this forever?

I don’t know if this has happened to you, but when life throws me curve ball after curve ball (like these last 2 weeks), my tendency is to hold it together during the event... and then keep pushing to the point I either get sick or have a minor meltdown.

And when that happens - I can’t help others and do what I need to do.

I have been doing things differently and working on practicing what I teach, so when I feel some old anxiety and worry coming up, I see it as a chance to practice.

A subtle, simple shift in your thinking will allow you to re-focus instantly, won't it?

I will be going into more depth over the next couple months. For now, let’s lay out the basic beliefs of highly successful, radically resilient people.

7.1 Radically Resilient Beliefs

1. Feedback: There is ONLY feedback.

What if there was no failure? What if it was all feedback?

2. Fluidity: The more adaptable, the more you influence the system. When you learn to be fluid, to adapt, you’ll always be unbeatable. (Jet Li)

3. Choice: There is always another option.

What other options are there?

4. Best: Everyone is doing the best that they can with the resources that they have available to them.

5. Behavior: People are not their behaviors.

What if you were willing to accept the person and change the behavior?

6. Resources: There are no unresourceful people, only unresourceful states. (State = Mindset, or heart-motivation, or action-bias.)

7. Map: The map is not the territory.

I.e. the little blue dot of my house on the gps is the MAP. It isn't my house.

When we look at people or situations, that is the map.

When we ask incisive questions to get more information, we get a better idea of the actual TERRITORY.

Often, our perception shifts when we do this.

Successful people look at what others have done successfully and model the process. Doesn't mean you copy it - it means you figure out what works and do something similar to gain your own success.

Here's to your success!

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