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2 Minutes to De-Stress

Orig published: May 24, 2016

Two minutes to de-stress

When life is hard...

When the unexpected knocks you down...

When you're not feeling well and get irritable...

When you're short on sleep, patience and hope...

Let's get you some new tools!

I took a 3 year break from full-time speaking. It was a healing time. And now it's time to rebuild, regrow, and break out the Radical Resilience!!

What would life be like if you showed up with more confidence?

More personal strength?

More resourcefulness?

How about more peace?

Create capability. Enhance endurance. Promote preparedness.

I have a new tool and a new session that is rolling out this summer.

The tool: 7-in-7.

New session: "Superhero First Response: Be. Better. Faster."

Question: how to you build better resilience?

Answer: Use your body for better chemistry!!

Crazy-simple tool to reduce stress crazy-quick

Here is a small part of the tool.

Let's start by just trying something. No, seriously. Don't just read it, try it. :)

Shoulders back.

Chest open.

Smile. Keep grinning. I know, I know, it feels silly.

Look up - chin up.

I know you look a bit crazy and all, but if you were to hold it for two minutes, guess what?

When you made that choice to practice radical resilience...

Your body just told your brain to reduce cortisol (stress hormone)

and increase testosterone (feeling powerful)

and also bumped up your serotonin and dopamine (feel-good neurotransmitters in your body.)

No joke. You know how your mom always told you to stand up straight and have good posture?

Well... science is backing her up. ...Only I'm quite not sure she was talking about neurotransmitters...

The results?

Clearer thinking.

More options appear.

More energy.

More focus.

More peace. (instead of focusing on tough stuff, you will be focusing on possibilities.)

Do it as often as necessary.

Practice it physically when alone - and imagine it when you are in public or people are around. Even just the imagery will help you feel stronger and more resourceful.

More tools soon!!

Building resilience through simple, usable tools.

Want more simple, powerful tools?

Book your consult call!

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