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Get Rock-Solid Confident

Christmas in July coaching special - 20% off!

Lose the limiting beliefs.
Lose the self-doubt. 
Lose being stuck.  
Mindset Rebuild Sessions are 20% off through July 31, 2019.
1. Pick your Rebuild session.  (details below)
2. Pick your date & time.  Special ends July 31.  Sessions held in August. 
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Know Who

You Are

Get Stronger Boundaries


Check all that apply.

If you have 3 or more, self-sabotage and self-doubt may be costing you too much already...

___ Successful but stuck?

___ Not as successful as you want to be?

___ Find that self-doubt is stopping you from living the life you want?

___ Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

___ Tired of living with guilt and regret.

___ Deeply want to make a difference with your life. 

___ Want support and encouragement on the journey.

___ Secretly dying on the vine - want to be more, do more, have more.

___ Willing and ready to ditch the self-sabotage - and want help knowing how.


Coaching:  How it works

Pick Your Rebuild Session
Pick Your Date and Time
Rock Your
Which reset would help you most?  
Money, Career or Relationship? 
(FAQ's below) 
What is self-doubt costing you?  Grab your slot before July 31.  Schedule your call anytime in AUGUST.
It's really all about getting more energy, knowing what you want, and getting your life back, isn't it?
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Coaching Programs:
Coaching Built For You. 
Customize Your Experience.
Get Your Life Back.
(Location absolutely, positively doesn't stop us!
We do sessions over the phone or video-conference.)  
Mindset Rebuilds
Lose the limiting beliefs.
Lose the self-doubt. 
Lose being stuck.  
Ever struggle with limiting beliefs?  
Have you tried everything, but can't seem to fix what's broken?
Do you read self-help books and go to classes, but still can't seem to break loose?
This 4-hour release session uses proven, cutting-edge techniques to help you get rid of the garbage and baggage that has been holding you back.
I guide you through the session to release the 4 core negative emotions: 
Anger / Sadness / Fear / Guilt.  Then we release the top limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for a lifetime.  
You get freedom.
Choose your Rebuild from the following programs: (see FAQ's below)
What is the garbage you've been holding onto? 
What is self-sabotage costing you?
Relationships?  Poor modeling for your children?  Confidence? 
It's costing too much.  In too many areas of your life.  
Mindset Rebuild - Single Session Coaching.  Quick Results.  Powerful Relief.

Get yours free.  

67 Quick Ways to Stop Stress in its Tracks.

67 Quick Reset Cover - new blue.png

Coaching:  FAQ's

Pick Your Rebuild Session
Pick Your Date and Time
  • Typical coaching session length:  Typically 4 hours.
  • Customize - You get to pick which Mindset Rebuild you want to powerfully reset your life.  Money, Career, Relationship.
  • Which Rebuild is best for me?
My most popular session.  It can also be called the CONFIDENCE Rebuild.  


Not sure if you know, but are you aware that your self-value is often tied to the way you value money?


That means that when you clear your money limiting beliefs, you get more confident about yourself AND money.


This powerhouse session is for you - 

IF  you have issues with money.  Never enough. Under-earning.  Poor spending patterns.  
IF you have self-worth or self-confidence issues.


Build Rock-Solid Confidence.

New job?  Changing jobs?  Want to promote up? 

Self-doubt keeping you stuck?
Doing pretty well, but feel like something is just holding you back?  
Don't hold boundaries at work and it's burning you out?

What is self-doubt costing you? 

Release limiting beliefs.  
Clear the baggage.  Get unstuck.  Get clear.  


Hugely popular session.

Build Rock-Solid Confidence.
Get Clear.  Get Decisive.  Get the relationship you REALLY want.

Want a relationship?
Want to rebuild your current relationship?
In a bad relationship and not sure what to do?  

Old trash, anger, resentment, rejection holding you hostage?

Clear the limiting beliefs that are blowing your chances and keeping you stuck. 

This is for you IF you are tired of repeating the same-old-same-old-same-old unhealthy patterns.  Clear the baggage.  It's done.  Done is done.

Let it go.  Get Your Life Back.  

  • What's the investment?  The problems you've been experiencing are creating problems, self-doubt, or hopelessness.  What is it worth to you to move forward, finally?!  20% off right now.  From $750 to $600 when you purchase in July and schedule your session in August.
  • Value:  $750  20% off Now to July 31:  $600
  • Do you have any other sessions?  YES!  Schedule your Complimentary Consult Call to discuss options.  
  • You have a range of budget-friendly to platinum-level coaching programs available to you. 

It's time to get serious about self-care, isn't it?


Stuck? Living a life of regret, fear, and bitterness?

What is self-sabotage really costing you?

Health?  Career?  Relationship?  Family?


How much life has self-doubt taken from you?


It's costing more than you thought. 

It's time for a change.

And - you don't have to do it alone.

Let's get you the tools.  




Get congruent.

Get decisive.

Get confident.

Know Who

You Are

Get Stronger Boundaries


Being stuck is costing you too much, isn't it?  
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Ana-Christina Hicks
Aurora, CO, US
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