Hi!  Ana-Christina here. 
I love my work, which focuses on sharing tools which build confidence and resilience. 
My background in construction management means that I love the process of building, rebuilding, and remodeling as necessary.  I know the value of using the right tool for the job.  
Wrong tool?  Wasted time, energy, and resources.  
Right tool?  Finish faster.  Finish easier.  Finish happier.
Right RESILIENCE tool?  It acts like PPE (personal protective equipment) for your life. 
Straight up?  Sharing tools which boost resilience and confidence.
Remodelling.  Riding my motorcycle with my husband. 
Hanging out with family.  Great conversation.
Reading, writing, my orchids, cooking (and eating!  yum!). 
I have had the great honor and privilege of sharing resilience tools with over 10,000 people across the U.S.  
Rock-Solid Confidence.  Build it.  
Blessings and Peace - Ana-Christina
COVA speaker
HTH Companies event
Making a point :)
Talking about Tools of Hope book
Commencement event
Guest at the SWAT range
PPE for painting!
Installing my own hardwood floor
Ana-Christina on track
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Ana-Christina Hicks
Aurora, CO, US
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Making a point :)